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Microcertificate in Mine Closure is a Program

Microcertificate in Mine Closure


Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full program description

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Welcome to the Microcertificate in Mine Closure

A joint program from UBC BRIMM and Curtin University

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The content for this program is still under development.

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⚠️ UBC BRIMM may cancel or reschedule a course at any time and for any reason as it sees fit. The Start Date and the other details are provided as a general guide only and may change from time to time.

✝This program involves (1 day) of instruction, however,  to pass and gain five credit points, you will need to commit further time to complete the full set of learning activities including (but not limited to) self-guided study and research, extension readings, activities, and the final assessment activity.

^Learning is done completely online.

§Price subject to change. Please check the price at the time of purchase.

TBD credit points are required to earn a badge at UBC.