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Japanese Pronunciation Training Program

Japanese Pronunciation Training



Full program description

This program is designed for self-directed learners who are interested in improving their Japanese pronunciation or simply gain more knowledge of it for various purposes. 


This program consists of three courses: (1) Basics, (2) Challenging Sounds, and (3) Intonation. 

  • If it is your first time learning Japanese, start from (1) Basics all the way to (3) Intonation.    
  • If you have some knowledge of Japanese, you can start from any courses of where you want to improve. 
  • Starting from (3) Intonation is recommended if you have learned casual speech style. You can always go back to the (2) Challenging sounds to improve your pronunciation, too.  


You will receive a certificate of completion for each course when you meet the completion requirement of each course.


These courses include lesson videos with images and videos of actual tongue positions and movements, interactive content with audios, intonation diagrams, and self-tests, which are designed to help you understand Japanese pronunciation in a more effective and engaging way.


By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  1. describe the articulatory properties of the Japanese sounds in the Hiragana diagram 
  2. be aware of their own pronunciation of challenging sounds in Japanese
  3. identify correct Japanese intonation and accent in basic nouns, verbs, and short sentences

Audience: Open enrollment, anyone interested in Japanese Pronunciation

Duration: Each course takes less than 1 hour in length. The full training will take ~ 3 hours. 

Format: Self-paced online modules