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CDE9137B: Ankyloglossia in Infants: Learn the Diagnosis, Effects and Management for Tongue Tie and Lip Tie in Infants

Oct 27, 2022 - Oct 27, 2025

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In the last few years the amount of research in the field of tongue tie and lip tie has increased significantly, resulting in a greater understanding of the concept of tethered oral tissue. Furthermore, discussion of lip and tongue tie has appeared in news articles as well as online forums, making the information and misinformation more available to professionals and the general public alike.

More and more tongue tie and lip tie are being diagnosed. Surgical intervention is being done at a much higher frequency. Dentists are the top choices to do such procedures due to dentists’ understanding and familiarity of the oral cavity. This course helps in understanding the concept of tongue tie and the effects of the surgical procedure.


  • Learn what ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and lip tie are exactly
  • Gain a general understanding of how a tongue tie and lip tie can affect breastfeeding and other important functions such as speech and sleep
  • Learn to classify and identify different types and severity of tongue tie and lip tie
  • Be familiar with how frenectomy for infants is done and the supports and tools associated with it
  • Understand the myths and controversies related to tongue tie and lip tie

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