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CDE9390: Biofilm; Are We At A Tipping Point?

Dec 8, 2021 - Dec 8, 2024
2 credits

$100 Enroll

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The underworld of subgingival biofilm can be a challenging environment for clinicians and patients. Traditionally, the professional battle against biofilm communities is a combination of hand and power-driven instruments. With the introduction to North America and over 15 years in Europe, using air-pressure technology with low abrasive-based powders has been developed. This evidence-informed session will explore the guided-biofilm therapy, GBT and its clinical application for biofilm management.

  • Educational Objectives:
    Understand the concept of symbiosis and dysbiosis of the oral microbiome
  • Learn the concepts of guided biofilm therapy
  • Integrate air-pressure technology and powders into clinical protocols
  • Create evidenced-informed individualized patient care plans aligned with the current AAP Classification with air-pressured technologies

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