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CDE9421: Bulk-Fill Composites: What, When & How, Scientific Evidence for Clinical Application

Ends Oct 24, 2025
2 credits

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In the last few years the dental industry has launched multiple resin-based restorative materials designed to achieve a greater time efficiency for clinicians. The new technology of bulk-fill composites, which allows increased polymerization depth, comes with modifications to the material’s formulation which allows the blue light to penetrate deeper. Some of the benefits of these new compositions include: less filler particles, increased translucency, and additional photo initiators. But there is a compromise to these changes in material compositions both with the material’s mechanical properties and/or optical characteristics. Several laboratorial studies have shown that bulk-fill composites have the ability to cure at an increased depth when compared to conventional composites, however for clinicians, it is difficult to truly predict if the most critical margin (gingival) of any posterior restoration is optimally polymerized and void-free when the material is placed in bulk.

This webinar will explore the properties, benefits and limitations of state-of-art bulkfill composites and will address some of the clinical issues linked to these chemical modifications. Using a step-by-step, evidence-based approach, this webinar will educate clinicians about the possible uses of bulk-fill restorative materials, optimizing benefits without jeopardizing quality and durability.

• Describe the main components of a restorative dental composite
• Distinguish the main modifications on bulk-fill composites
• Understand the impact of its chemistry on long-term performance
• Apply current scientific knowledge to the clinical placement of bulk-fill restorative materials
• Analyze benefits and limitations of bulk-fill composites 

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