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CDE9414: Implant Maintenance The Entire Dental Team Must Know is a Course

CDE9414: Implant Maintenance The Entire Dental Team Must Know

Ends Nov 21, 2026
3 credits

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Full course description

Dental Implants have a long and proven track record. Millions of patients have been successfully treated using this treatment modality. Our current focus in implantology is the adaptation of protocols to make the process more simple, convenient, and predictable.

A surge of recent product and technical innovation has had a corresponding impact on the maintenance requirements and recommendations for dental implants. Ironically, the protocols that we follow for natural teeth can be problematic if followed on dental implants in certain situations. There are many significant differences between a natural tooth root and a dental implant. We will review these differences and discuss the related differences in the required protocols for maintenance.

This course for both dentists and dental hygienists is geared towards the prevention of disease and treatment algorithms around implants. Course registrants will be provided with an updated understanding of the concepts required for the maintenance of dental implants vs. natural teeth.


  • Gain familiarity with the components and instrumentation of implant dentistry
  • Review pertinent anatomy
  • Understand traditional implant protocols vs same day implant care
  • Identify patient candidacy and risk factors
  • Appreciate the important differences between natural teeth and dental implants
  • Review radiographic interpretation
  • Understand key features of peri-implant disease
  • Discern the probe vs no probe dilemma
  • What instrumentation & armamentarium is safe to use around implants
  • Apply treatment algorithms for varying degrees of disease presentation
  • Institution of home care protocols