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Autism and Neurodiversity in the Childcare Setting is a Course

Autism and Neurodiversity in the Childcare Setting

Started Feb 4, 2021


Full course description

Welcome to the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in Autism (CIRCA) professional development modules on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in childcare settings. The goal of this series is to provide essential knowledge and skills aimed at making the childcare experience a positive and rewarding one for children with ASD, their families, and childcare providers themselves.  

Given the current prevalence rate of ASD in British Columbia (1 in 40 as of February 2020), and the fact that it is not unusual for a diagnosis to be delayed until a child is 3- or-4 years of age, chances are good that at some point during your career there will be a child in your program who you either know has or think might have autism spectrum disorder. Indeed, depending on the circumstances, you may play a key role in helping family members to obtain ASD-related supports, including a formal diagnosis. These modules will show you how to provide effective support in an inclusive, culturally safe childcare setting.

There are three modules in this series:

  1. Understanding autism spectrum disorder, including key considerations for support
  2. What to do if you notice potential signs of ASD in a child you support; and
  3. Strategies you can use to promote full participation of children with ASD

Each module includes a list of resources that have been vetted by CIRCA for quality assurance. Remember to check the Resources and References section to access a range of information and practical tools.

NOTE: These modules are not intended to provide clinician-level diagnostic or intervention skills. ASD is a complex disorder whose full understanding and treatment requires years of training and experience. There are, however, many ways childcare providers can provide effective support without having to be experts in the field!

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