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Teach Mental Health Literacy (Non-Certificate)

Started Sep 10, 2021


Full course description

About this Course

This course has been designed for educators working with students in ages 12 to 19.

This is a self-paced, non-credit, online course that consists of 6 modules. The estimated time commitment is approximately 6-8 hours in total. Modules are completed sequentially and each consists of:

  1. Classroom activities
  2. Self-guided study
  3. Module test

This online program is asynchronous (no real-time events are scheduled).

Learn more about this course, including program background and learning objectives, on the Faculty of Education's Professional Development & Community Engagement website.

Course Description

Mental health literacy is the foundation for mental health promotion, prevention and care and can be developed through classroom based curriculum implementation that has been scientifically shown to improve mental health related outcomes for students and also for their teachers.

In this course, educators will learn how to apply this classroom-ready, web-based, modular mental health curriculum resource as well as develop their own mental health literacy. Educators can then use this resource designed to be delivered by regular classroom teachers to successfully address mental health related curriculum outcomes designed to be delivered by usual classroom teachers to students aged 12 to 19.

Course Instructor

Dr. Stan Kutcher

Dr. Stan Kutcher is a Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and the former Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health at Dalhousie University. He established the first integrated youth mental health care services, education and research program in Canada at the University of Toronto and has served as Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Associate Dean of International Health and Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Mental Health Policy and Training at Dalhousie University. He is a renowned expert in adolescent mental health and leader in mental health research, advocacy, training, and policy and has been involved in mental health work in over 20 countries.

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