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Bioeconomy and Circular Bioeconomy Policies 2023 Fall is a Course

Bioeconomy and Circular Bioeconomy Policies 2023 Fall

Ended Oct 20, 2023

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Full course description

Bioeconomy and Circular Bioeconomy Policies (this is not a self-paced course)

October 2 – 13, 2023

Circular bioeconomy is multidisciplinary. It is essential to understand the definition of CB in different sectors, the relevant CB policies with implementation strategies, and the importance of CB for sustainability development and carbon-neutral targets. This course begins by understanding the CB definitions and continues with the global progress on CB development. The CB economics and policies nationally and internationally will be explored to provide learners with an overall understanding of the CB sector including business constraints and opportunities. Learners will assess the potential of their organization in terms of Circular Bioeconomy Business Development strengths, weaknesses, missions, and targets. The course concludes with an applied focus on setting specific, measurable, actionable goals.