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CNR - Law and Governance 2023 Spring is a Course

CNR - Law and Governance 2023 Spring

Apr 3, 2023 - Apr 21, 2023

$850 Enroll

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Law & Governance (this is not a self-paced program)

Apr 3 – 21, 2023

Over the past two decades in Canada, landmark court decisions have mandated free, prior and informed consent and the duty to consult and accommodate; the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) developed a set of Calls to Action; and, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) was adopted with the intention for all nations to implement it. In this context, it has become increasingly important for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Canada to have a working knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal rights, laws and policies, and how they apply to their work in relation to Indigenous Peoples and communities, territories, businesses and governments. The precedent-setting agreements between the Haida Nation and the federal and provincial governments in natural resource management contexts, as well as the ongoing Haida title case, serve as exemplary backdrops for this program. Participants will learn how relationships, processes and practices on Haida Gwaii and elsewhere are advancing reconciliation in Canada.