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Adult person sitting on a log with laptop learning about ESG and climate governance while in nature

Micro-Certificate Program: Climate Risk & ESG for Corporate Governance and Decision-Making - Fall 2024

Starts Sep 22, 2024

$3,300 Enroll

Full program description

Governments, regulators, investors, shareholders, and consumers are increasingly demanding more climate disclosures and climate-related information. This has resulted in a surge in demand for professionals who have the skills and knowledge to advance climate and ESG initiatives within their organizations, and the capacity to make informed decisions towards a net-zero economy.

This program will enhance your knowledge of risk management strategies and techniques for navigating climate-related ESG issues, while avoiding legal liability and reputational risk. You will come away with a solid grasp of the complex and evolving laws in this area. It will help you navigate and advise on legal and operational climate-related ESG risks and issues in the context of governance matters, commercial transactions, and investments.

Designed by Alison Schneider, Gigi Dawe, and other experts at the Canada Climate Law Initiative, this course offers a unique perspective that comes from collaboration and knowledge exchange between academics, policymakers, and business professionals.


What you'll learn

  • Key climate considerations companies and pension funds face when making business and investment decisions
  • Complex legal and regulatory instruments and requirements that directly impact businesses and organizations’ operations in Canada and internationally
  • Strategies to enhance your oversight and management of climate risks and opportunities
  • How to fulfill your fiduciary duties related to climate change


Who should enroll

  • Directors
  • Officers
  • Trustees
  • In-house and external legal counsel
  • Governance professionals
  • Investors and asset managers
  • Those looking to upskill or reskill