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Needling Review - Part 1B (Fall/Winter 2023/2024)

Oct 3, 2023 - Sep 3, 2024


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Hi Everyone,

There is nothing all of us love more than seeing Gunn IMS practitioners take their IMSing seriously - so thank you for signing up for Needling Review! We are thrilled that you are making this investment in yourself to solidify the safety and effectiveness of your Gunn IMS needling skills!

We have recently made videos of the surface anatomy specific to our UBC Gunn IMS needling approach and are making them available to you here (click on the link or go to "Modules" in the menu on the left). We really hope you find them helpful. We have had such a gratifying postive reception to these videos! All of us at UBC Gunn IMS hope you enjoy them too!

See you in person soon!


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