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Needling Review - Theory Bundle 2023/2024

Sep 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2024


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Please use the links in the Modules section directly to the left to access the program content.

  1. The Four "Core" Lectures
    i. Dr. Gunn's Neuropathic Model of Myofascial Pain (presented by Cory ChomaLinks to an external site.)
    ii. The Effects of Dry Needling (presented by Lyndal SolomonsLinks to an external site.) ​
    iii. Preparing to Treat (presented by Dave ZelibkaLinks to an external site.)
    iv. The Gunn IMS Neuropathic Assessment (presented by Lorrie MaffeyLinks to an external site.), and
  2. Neuropathic Assessment and Clinical Reasoning Materials
    i. Clinical Application of the Gunn IMS Neuropathic Assessment (presented by  Lyndal SolomonsLinks to an external site.) - this series of videos includes a demonstration of the neuropathic assessment on a model and related documentation using the current neuropathic assessment form, a discussion around clinical reasoning related to the model, and a discussion around treatment  planning related to the model 
    ii. A fillable PDF version of the current UBC Gunn IMS Neuropathic Assessment Form Download current UBC Gunn IMS Neuropathic Assessment Formand Explanation notes Download Explanation notesyou can use in your clinic charting
    iii. Video presentations of two Instructor-Prepared Case Studies (presented by Susan MassittiLinks to an external site. and Mitchell DavisLinks to an external site.)

The modules have been broken down into 5-15 minute videos followed by short quizzes. The module quizzes are to be used as learning tools.

You can advance through the modules by using the 'Next' and 'Previous' links at the bottom of the screen. At the end of each module there will be additional reading material. 

You can submit questions related to course content in the discussion section at the end of each corresponding module. Please be aware that we will not be moderating this section or replying immediately to questions. 

If you have technical problems completing the course content please submit a summary of your problems to

You will have access to the materials in the UBC Canvas Catalog for 12 months from the day access is enabled for you. After this time you will no longer be able to log in to Canvas to access these materials. Please download any of the PDFs that you wish to keep for your own study purposes before this date. Please be aware that all material in this program is protected by trademark and copyright, and so may only be used for your own personal study and may not be reproduced in any way, either in part or in full.

To start, please head over to the modules section on the left and start watching the videos! 

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