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Part 1A - 2024/2025 (Jan 1 -Mar 31, 2025) - UBC Gunn IMS Certification Course

Dec 29, 2023 - Apr 1, 2025


Full course description

Detailed instructions regarding the assessment components of this course (the Anatomy Exam, the Theory Exam and the Case Study) are available within each respective module section.

The five course learning modules have been broken down into 5-15 minute videos followed by short quizzes. The module quizzes are to be used as learning tools and will only be marked as having been completed. Your score on the module quizzes will not affect whether you pass the course (this should not be confused with the Anatomy and Theory Exams for which a passing grade is required). You can advance through the modules by using the 'Next' and 'Previous' links at the bottom of the screen. At the end of each module there will be additional optional reading material. Completion of this material is not a requirementof the course but will add further depth to the material provided in the modules. PDFs of each lecture are available in each module section if you wish to download these and take notes within each PDF.

You can submit questions related to course content in the discussion section at the end of each corresponding module. Please be aware that we will not be moderating this section or replying immediatelyto questions. If your question goes unanswered for more than a week, please notify Anna at so that she can follow up on this.

If you have technical problems completing the course content, please submit a summary of your problems to


  • Completion of the learning modules and assessment components for Part 1A is self-paced, however, all must be completed successfully to receive certification.  We recommend that, when possible, students complete all the Part 1A components ahead of attending Part 1B and Part 2 in-person weekends. 
  • Your case study must be uploaded before your presentation date. Please allow approximately 8-12 hours to complete your case study. 
  • You will need to present your case study over Zoom to a UBC Gunn IMS instructor and your peers. You must attend the whole session within which you make your presentation.  We recommend that you attend more than one session, however, either live or by watching session recordings (that will be uploaded to Canvas), as these are invaluable learning opportunities for you regarding the neuropathic model and its application in the clinic setting. 
  •  Please notify Anna at if you are unable to attend one or both of these sessions.

You will have access to the materials in the UBC Canvas Catalog until March 31st, 2025. After this time you will no longer be able to log in to Canvas to access these materials. Please download any of the PDFs that you wish to keep for your own study purposes before this date. Please be aware that all material in your Part 1A course is protected by trademark and copyright, and so may only be used for your own personal study and may not be reproduced in any way, either in part or in full.

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