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Chan Gunn Pavilion

UBC Gunn IMS Certification Part 1B - Vancouver Winter/Fall 2022/2023 (Nov 26-27, 2022)

Time limit: 2 days

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Parts 1B in-person – Vancouver, BC (details at will each comprise two days of mostly dry needling skills training which must be assessed by instructors to be safe and effective to receive certification.


Part 1B course include physical contact between instructors and participants. Course participants will practice assessment and treatment techniques (including intramuscular dry needling) on each other. Instructors may also demonstrate assessment and treatment techniques on participants. UBC Gunn IMS COVID-19 safety protocols have been developed according to principles established by Canadian health authorities, provincial health ministries and the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

Further course details at: