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Rodent Tail Vein Injection - Mouse (Non-UBC) is a Program

Rodent Tail Vein Injection - Mouse (Non-UBC)

Started Jun 12, 2020

$100 Enroll

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This course is required for all users that perform tail vein injections on rodents.

The Rodent Tail Vein Injection course will cover: administration of substances via tail vein injections and discuss general considerations for this route of injection (sterility of substances, needle and syringe sizes, syringe handling and safe needle handling) as well as potential complications.

At the end of the laboratory, each student will be assessed to determine whether they have demonstrated competency or proficiency in the techniques taught in this course.

*Prerequisites: Introduction to Working with Rodents in Research and Rodent Restraint and SC/IP Injections. If injections will be performed under anesthesia, Introduction to Anesthesia of the Laboratory Rodent is also a prerequisite course.

View the course outline and rubric.