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delivery method: online

Foundations of Responsible Conduct of Research (Non-UBC)



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We can all play a part in fostering a research culture that supports each other to do our best work, including acting with honesty, accountability, openness and fairness in the search for and dissemination of knowledge. This self-paced course aims to increase understanding of our responsibility as UBC scholars, provide an opportunity to reflect on our own research practices, and to practice navigating ethical dimensions of research using a systematic decision-making framework.



  • Explain the importance of the responsible conduct of research, 
  • Recognize ethical dimensions of research conduct, 
  • Identify areas to apply best practices that safeguard scholarly integrity,
  • Identify what resources and services are relevant and available to you at UBC, and 
  • Feel comfortable to engage in conversations with trainees, peers and colleagues about the responsible conduct of research.  

Keywords: OE, ONOG, RHDT

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